How To Know She Is In Love With You–From An Upscale Matchmaker

As a man, it can be hard to really get a good read on a woman, especially if you are trying to determine if she is in love with you. Men will often make the mistake of reading a woman the wrong way, and they will end up feeling kind of foolish when they realize that they did not get it quite right. It’s bad enough when you aren’t quite sure if a woman is in love with you, but it can be really hard when you end up getting it wrong and you wind up more embarrassed than you ever wanted to feel.

If you are wondering if a woman might be in love with you, but you are nervous about reading her the wrong way, pay close attention. There are certain signs that you can look for that can help you determine whether or not a woman feels that way about you. Of course, there is usually no one sign by itself, there has to be a few to really give you a good indication of how she feels about you.

Here are 3 ways to tell that a woman is in love with you:

1. Her face brightens up the minute she sees you.

This is definitely one of the more obvious signs that she really gets a good feeling when she sees your face. By itself, it does not necessarily mean that she is in love with you, but coupled with a few more signs, you can be pretty sure that this is the way that she feels. Regardless, it also lets you know that she looks forward to seeing you, which is never really a bad thing, anyway.

2. She constantly speaks highly of you to other people.

If you find out that she is constantly telling people good things about you or that she talks about you a LOT in a very positive way, then this is another very good sign that she feels a lot of affection towards you. Of course, she can also talk this way about a guy she considers to be a really good friend, so this is another sign that needs to be coupled with more to really be sure of the way that she feels about you.

3. Your opinion on things matters more than other people’s do to her.

It’s only natural when you feel like you love someone, that you really want to know what they are thinking and you want to know what their opinion is on things. For example, if she constantly wants to know your opinion on things before she goes ahead and makes a decision, then that is a very good sign in your favor that she just might be in love with you.

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