Tips For Using Facebook To Find A Lost Love–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Facebook is our favorite social internet hangout isn’t it? It’s our cyber den where we connect with friends (and their friends) and catch up on what they are up to, if they broke up with their significant other, what they like and dislike etc. But you can also use it to find people that you have lost contact with. And this is great news for those of us that are hang-up on a lost love and by a lost love I mean someone with whom you still have unresolved feelings for or someone you just cannot get out of your heart and mind. So how can you use Facebook to reconnect with a lost love?

1. Be an active Facebook member. You can still search for someone without a Facebook account but you cannot connect with them or send them a message when you do find them. So get an account and get your profile done and get some friends as well. You do not want your lost love to think you are there only to find them. You want them to think that you came across them in your ‘normal’ Facebook activities.

2. Search for them. You must know as much as possible about them including their complete name, where they are at etc. If you just remember their first name then you will be amazed at how many other people bear that same name and your search will be quite frustrating. Some people and your lost love maybe one of these people don’t have a profile picture further frustrating your efforts. This is one of the most challenging parts of reconnecting with a lost love. Just finding them.

3. After finding them you need to reacquaint yourself with them by carefully perusing their profile. Are they in a relationship or married? Know all you can from their profile and their friends so that you can make an informed connection.

4. What do you want from them? Before you make the connection you need to decide what you want from your lost love. Do you want them back or do you just want to reconnect with them? Don’t set your expectations too high as quite a bit of time has passed and they have probably moved on to other relationships. Aim at just being in their life again and see how that progresses.

5. Connect with them. Send them a message or friend request and see how they respond. Don’t live in the past and expect them to have the same memories and expectations that you have. You remember differently from them and they may not have as positive a memory of you as you have of them.

6. Be friends. I know you want to rekindle your love as quickly as possible but your lost love has been living while you were away and you need to know if they really are who you remember them to be or if your memory played tricks on you. Get to know them afresh, what they are doing with their life, which people are important to them etc. Get to really know them by asking the right questions and do not assume that the person you knew is the same person today. They have grown and diversified and you need to know this new person that they have become.

Reconnecting with a lost love using Facebook only works if your lost love is on Facebook. Despite the large numbers on Facebook your lost love maybe one of those who are simply not on and you may need to explore other options.

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