What Do Men Want In Relationships?–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Have you already been through a few relationships but are still puzzled over the question of what do guys want in a relationship?

Isn’t it really taxing on your soul when you try your best only to realize that it hasn’t worked? And you never get the kind of response you expected out of your man?

It’s funny how women compare men to a crossword puzzle. They assume that men are so mysterious in their ways that they have to apply some special formula to solve the so called mystery. But again that’s not the case.

There is no need to feel hopeless here. The primary reason why women face disappointment in this area is because what they think men want in a relationship is not what men actually want.

Yes that’s right! What you presently believe about what a man wants from you might be the very thing which is creating a lot of friction between the two of you.

Let me give you some clear cut tips on what guys really want in a relationship. Apply these in your relationship and your man will give you everything you want…

Step #1 – Men want to feel good and there is a way to do it…

Do you know why some women always get to attract and keep the perfect guy yet others struggle? What do these women understand which the rest don’t?

You see! These women understand something about men which most other women usually ignore. We all want to feel good about ourselves right? So do men! Sounds simple so far?

Wait! It’s not really that simple. Because if it was a lot of women out there would know how to use this to their advantage; and would already be in great loving relationships. But both you and I know that’s not the case for a lot of women out there.

Every man wants to feel valuable in a relationship and the best way to do that is to show him regular appreciation. Women do not understand the power of this but it can be the very difference between a sweet loving relationship and a messy one.

Men need to be reminded time and time again of how much you really appreciate being around them. And a good way to do it is to use the following words around him once in a while…

“I really appreciate all the things you do to make me feel good. I am blessed to have a boyfriend/husband like you in my life.”

“I really love everything you have done for me. You are a great boyfriend/husband. I know you will never do anything which will hurt me.”

Not only will this make your man feel good being with you but it will also make sure that he will follow through will all his little and big commitments towards you.

Step #2 – Let him know that he isn’t locked in a cage! Set him completely FREE…

Do you know what men really hate in a relationship? They absolutely hate it when they are stuck with a woman who is just too demanding. Now in your world you might feel that you aren’t that demanding but in his world he is feeling like he is locked in a cage.

Ever had one of those moments where no matter what you said your boyfriend/husband just wasn’t ready to listen to you? And did it lead to a bitter argument where he just started getting more and more distant?

Now in your view you might be thinking that if he was a good boyfriend/husband he should be concerned about your needs and shouldn’t behave like this.

But in his world you are only being a super annoying, nagging girlfriend/wife who doesn’t really have any concern for his own feelings.

So do you see now how it can be really difficult to handle for both the partners? If you want something from your partner there is a way you can use to get the message through to him.

Let’s say for example you want him to take you out and you know he is usually busy…Now either you can force him to do it…For example –

You – Can we please go out today?

Him – No! I am busy.

You – As usual! You are always damn busy. You never have time for me.

Him – Can’t you see I work so hard to keep you comfortable? You are so unappreciative.

You – Whatever!

And end of story…

Here is the right way to do it…Instead of just asking him to take you out and then getting angry when he says no…Try the following line…

“Honey! I know you have been really busy lately and I know you do this to give me a comfortable life. I was thinking that maybe we can go out tonight as I miss the times when we used to have our little special moments together. I completely understand if it’s not possible today. After all work should always come first.”

And then check his response. I can almost positively say that you are twice as more likely to get a positive response from him when you use the above statement.

You see if you ask him out and expect him to take you out…he feels somewhat pressured. But when you ask him to take you out yet you let him know that you are completely ok if he says no. That’s when he doesn’t feel any pressure and is more likely to say yes.

Points to remember –

– Men aren’t a big puzzle you need to solve. They are pretty simple if you actually pay close attention.

– If there is too much conflict in your relationship then your beliefs about what men want in a relationship might be wrong.

– Men crave appreciation. Let them know that you think highly of them and respect them. And they will give you everything you want.

– The saying which goes – “If you really love someone you should set him free” is true. Don’t demand anything rather gently request and he will follow through with your request.

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