Why People Stay In Bad Relationships–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Why do people seem to stay in bad relationships? This is a classic question about relationships and dating in general, and there really are many answers and possibilities to this sometimes perplexing phenomenon that we have all noticed on some level.

If you, yourself have had the pattern of staying in a bad relationship before, than this might be something that you really want to focus on. After all, personal relationships end up making up a large part of our lives, who we are, and how we live. You can have a really successful career and still feel unfulfilled if you are not in a happy place when it comes to your relationship.

So, why do people stay when things go bad?

Well for some people, tends to be a self esteem thing. They don’t feel as though they will be able to find someone else, or they assume that they kind of deserve what they are getting. This can be a really bad pattern to get caught up in, because people who feel this way tend to go from one person who is not right for them and find another who also is not right for them as well.

For others, it can be a learned behavior. Maybe the dynamic between their parents was a little on the dysfunctional side, but growing up, this is what they saw and they believed that this is just the way that it is. You can combat this kind of a pattern just by taking notice of the fact that there are couples who do NOT act bad towards each other or in a dysfunctional manner. And if there are people living that way, then you can too.

A third common reason for why someone might stay with someone else who just is not right for them is because they believe in the classic mantra that real love only happens once. See, when people are in a bad situation, it’s usually because they feel like they love that person they are with. And, they are not going to leave them if they feel like it is real love and that real love only happens once. They think that maybe things will get better or maybe they will be able to change the person they are with. Of course, most of the time they are merely fooling themselves.

It does not have to be bad, though!

Modern science has kind of proven that we can choose the person we fall for and the one we choose to be with. So, if you are stuck in a bad situation, it does not have to stay this way. You can make some changes to yourself and you can get out of whatever your predicament is and attract the right person for You.

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