Dating On The Rebound–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Dating on the rebound is something we see everyday. You may have done it a few times to realize that it caused more harm than good overall. Have you ever watched one of your friends come out of a long-term relationship only to find someone new, the next week or even a few days after? Not only that, but the “new perfect guy or gal” was totally wrong for them? This is so common after the end of a relationship: dating on the rebound.

Band-Aid Relationships: Rebound Mindset

It is hard going through a break up and you want to be with someone. So many thoughts are going through your mind about your ex and it drives you crazy. To keep from making a mistake and going down a path you do not want to go down, make sure you stop for a moment and take a look at what you are feeling and realize that these feelings can take you down a path you will regret later. Find something to do that will take your mind off of what you are going through. Find something that does not involve romance.

Maintaining your standards

You have standard when it comes to dating. You are not looking to date just anyone. Stick to those standards. Do not lower them for anyone. If the person you are looking to date is not kind, caring, cheats every now and again, disrespectful, keep it moving. Nine times out of ten, this person is not for you, no matter how fine he or she is. They do not serve you to make a good relationship, rebound or anything else for that matter. Stick to what you believe and your standards.

Watch out for the handiest person

When dating on the rebound, we tend to look for that person fast. The thought that is running through our minds is that we don’t have time to “waste” by going through the motions of clicking with someone. The common thing we do is to look for someone we already know such as an old partner, co-worker, the grocery store clerk. Don’t do it. Do not fall for someone you are not the least bit attracted to just because you are looking for someone fast. Catch yourself and look at the actions you are taking. Analyze it because you will on a path you will regret and add more heartache, stress and frustration.

Taking time for yourself

Most of the time we do not take time for ourselves. We sit around and pine over our ex, look for relationship books, self-help book trying to find the answer. We go out searching for someone to take our ex’s place. We go out on dates that leads nowhere. Don’t do this. Take time for yourself. Go out and make some new “friends”. Notice I said friends. Don’t go out and make new lovers, but “friends. There is a total difference. There are things that you have been meaning to do. Go do them. Do you for a change. Love yourself. Whatever you do, don’t sit around pining. It gets you nowhere. Pining doesn’t add moments to your life.

Take it easy and be gentle to yourself

Going through a break-up can be draining and will leave you low on energy. You feel down and out and it natural. Don’t jump into any major projects for some time. Instead of major project, how about going out and treating yourself to something you like. Get a massage, take some me time and do you.

Every rebound relationship doesn’t end up a disaster and you just may have the fling of a lifetime. If you choose the option of dating on the rebound, take this advice offered here. Take a little time off for yourself, keep those standards and do not lower them. Broken relationships are bound to happen and we can’t prevent them however; rebound dating gone wrong are really easy to avoid

Of course, not every rebound relationship ends up a disaster. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a fun fling. If you do decide to get involved with someone after a breakup, though, make sure you’ve taken a little off by yourself and you’re not lowering your standards. While we can prevent broken relationships: rebound dates gone wrong are easy to avoid.

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