Save Your Relationship–From An Upscale Matchmaker

If you are involved in a relationship that is on rocky ground or perhaps already ended and all looks lost, then you need to know that 95% of relationships that have ended need not have ended. All it takes to save a relationship is for one person in the relationship to want to save it.

The first thing you should do, whether the relationship seems lost or not, is to leave your ex alone for a month or more, if possible. Break all contact and give both yourself and your ex time to calm down so you can think more clearly. The emotions experienced immediately after a break up tend to keep us from thinking with a clear mind so, to keep from doing things you will regret later, take the time off from each other and work on getting over the emotional turmoil.

Should your ex start dating during this period when you are leaving them alone, don’t let it depress you or make you think all is lost for good. What you need to keep in mind is that almost 100% of the time rebound relationships don’t last; in fact whomever your ex is dating will most likely quit dating your ex after a few dates anyway.

First because people who have recently gone through a break up (doesn’t matter if they were the one who was broken up with or the one who did the breaking up) are no fun to be with. Your ex’s date will not like being with someone that is constantly depressed or always talking about you.

To save a relationship that seems lost comes down to both of you more than anyone else. You make sure you keep up your appearance, you don’t do things to alienate your ex, and always give the appearance of being in control.

After a month or two your ex will be more approachable, when they are, you can start discussions on the problems that lead to the break up, and the things each of you will need to do to correct those problems so that the two of you can move forward together in a happy lasting relationship.

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