Love Vs Lust–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Are you confused on the question of lust vs. love when you are with a man? Do you find that the men that you date only seem to want to go to bed? Are you not sure where one leaves off and the other begins? Look at the following signs to get the answers about lust vs. love.

#1 – Bonding.

Lust: If you are both in a clear-cut friends with benefits situation, then you know the answer to this one already. However, if you are using sex in order to bond with him, but you are not sure that he returns the feeling, then he might be in it just for the play. Is there more bedroom action than dating action?

Love: Sex can definitely bring people closer. When you are both in love, you feel comfortable enough to let go and enjoy yourself in bed. You can communicate, tell each other what you want, and laugh off any embarrassments.

#2 – Pressure.

Lust: If you’re both in lust you both want a good time, and don’t have expectations of each other. But be careful that you aren’t on opposite sides of the lust vs. love question. If you feel pressured to have sex with him to keep him around, then he’s probably just feeling the lust, while you might be feeling the love.

Love: There is no pressure when it comes to sex, unless it’s the pressure you feel to clear your schedule, because you can’t help but want it all the time. You are both enjoying each other fully, and you are considerate of each other’s wants and needs.

#3 – Talking.

Lust: There’s not much talking at all. When you do talk, it’s dirty talk. There’s no time for conversation, because you head straight for the physical action.

Love: The communication is open and comfortable. You both make an effort to get to know each other. You talk and talk and talk, about anything or nothing. You feel comfortable discussing any issues that come up, without anger or defensiveness.

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