How To Attract A Younger Woman– The Top Five Tips From An Upscale Matchmaker.

As a matchmaker, I constantly tell the guys I work with, they can go for younger women because SURPRISE, many women LOVE older men.

Ok, when I say older, I don’t mean someone in their 70’s or 80’s and in a wheel chair, what I am talking about is a 28-year-old woman going for someone in his mid 40’s or even 50’s or a 22-year-old going for someone is his late 30’s.

You maybe asking the question many of my clients ask me. ” Why would they like me?” or ” Wouldn’t they only be interested in my money”….well yes some of them…but some women are looking for something deeper.

When a good woman seeking a man who is older than her, she is seeking a man who is A) A gentleman, B) stable financially and emotionally C) Someone with worldly experience.

So how does a man like you attract a younger woman, here are the top five tips.

1. Be a gentleman: If a younger woman is SERIOUSLY interested in your she is going to expect that you are more of a gentleman then the 25-year-old college guys that hit on her all of the time.

2. Give her space: Younger women are busy with career, friends, school, chances are they are not going to be as attentive as women who are a more mature.

3. Spend a little money: I don’t mean be a sugar daddy, but spend a little money to impress her, perhaps buy her flowers on your first date, take her to a nice restaurant…things younger guys probably don’t do.

4. Be her rock: Younger women love older men because they can depend on them, in good times and in bad, she’s the woman, let her be the emotional wreck sometimes, if you are an emotional, anxious wreck yourself, you are going to turn her away.

5. Recognize that she is growing and changing: Depending on her age, she will be growing and changing from year to year and even from day-to-day, one minute she will want to be the powerful career girl, next she will want to be a mom with 5 kids. Your goal is to there for her, offer her advice and emotional support and to be the best partner you can be.

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