The Best Way To Plan A First Date–From An Upscale Matchmaker

As an upscale matchmaker, my wealthy male clients tend to ask me what is the best way to plan a date with a beautiful model quality woman?

Most of the men who come to me for matchmaking services are quite successful and affluent, yes do not want to be taken for their money, but they want to be generous and offer the lady they are with a good time and a romantic evening.

The best way to take a girl out on a first date is to set the time and the place, or give her a choice of three places and then make the reservations. Most women, even the independent ones enjoy a man who can take charge,  and choose a good restaurant so they don’t have to worry, it’s nice as a woman to have a choice, but too much choice can be a problem. To get a feeling of what she likes, you might ask her what kind of food she likes, if you just want to go ahead and pick, choose something that has a wide variety of dishes, like a Cheese Factory type place.  You might want to ask prior to booking a table, if she has any diet restrictions, such as being a Vegetarian (if this is the case, the steakhouse you had in mind might not be such a good place after all!)

The best place for a first date is something that is mid priced, semi-casual and fun, save the five-star restaurants for the second or third date, or even later, even if you are very wealthy and can afford to take her any where your heart desires.

On a first date, its nice to bring a little gift, even if it’s just a single red rose, something small is always appreciated, keep Tiffany’s for a later date when you know her well and want to buy her some really special.

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