The Top Ten Cities To Meet Beautiful Women.

Here are the top ten Metro Areas you SHOULD be living in to meet beautiful, model quality women, the state that won out in the list is SURPRISE SURPRISE…California. Los Angeles, the home base of our upscale matchmaking agency, I think would probably be the best place to meet beautiful women, but there are other place that you might not have thought about such as San Jose and San Francisco, and even Seattle.

1. Los Angeles.

2. Miami.

3. San Francisco

4. New York City.

5. Las Vegas.

6. Orange County Metro.

7. San Diego.

8. Seattle

9.  Dallas

10. San Jose/Silicon Valley

And obviously, the best way to meet beautiful women all over the US, is to visit our website at, an upscale matchmaking agency where you can meet the woman of your dreams.

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One thought on “The Top Ten Cities To Meet Beautiful Women.

  1. Whaaaaaaat?!!! Minneapolis and Oklahoma City have the most hottest girls hands down, Not NY or even LA. LA had some back in the 80’s, not now. I know LA and most of the hottest girls there now and then, and this is not true. There may be some scattered hot girls but not many anymore. San Jose? It sounds fishy.

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