Younger Women DO like Older Men!

I have a good friend whose name is Marc, he is tall and handsome, is totally in shape and gets hit on by women where ever he goes.

Marc is also 55.

He looks like the quintessential guy that pops up on the ad for a sugar daddy site, the one wear the devilishly handsome older man is bejeweling the neck of some young doe eyed yong woman. Marc looks the part, but he probably couldn’t afford the bauble

The thing about Marc is, he’s not rich, nor is he famous. He’s actually a musician who makes little to nothing, so why do all the women like him?

Because besides having some pretty distinguished looks (many women would refer to him as a silver fox), he’s also got a gentlemanly charm that many younger men here in LA do not have.

Besides being a matchmaker, I am also a young woman under 30 who came to LA from The Bay Area, with the notion in my head that all men under 50 were stupid and immature. And you know what? For the most part…I want right.

Since my arrival here, it has relaxed a bit, and now I am willing to go down into the 40’s…maybe.

Why I (and about a hundred million other women in LA and all over the country) prefer to date older men is not because we are looking for a sugar daddy, but because we want a man who knows how to be a gentleman, who can be polite, who has grace, polish and worldly experience.  The women who tend to go after older men tend to be women who feel out of touch with their own age range, some how the men who are young don’t seem to understand why Fellini was such a great director or why you might want to sit still and listen to a symphony by Beethoven, they might not get that there is a world out there beyond American Idol and six-pack of Budweiser

For me, as well as for other woman, older men act like real men. They were raised in a different era, they saw how their mothers respected their fathers and they follow to suit with any woman they date. Younger men idolize women like Megan Fox, older men go gaga for Audrey Hepburn, and I don’t know about you, but I prefer Audrey.

Older men also have been through the dating ringer, they knows what works in a relationship, and they know what does not, unless they have some sort of problem, they are not going to be playing games the way a younger man might, they simply have better things to do with your time.

And keep in mind, everyone has their idea of what an older man is, for some very young women, the ones 18-21, an older man might be as young as 34-38 and a man who is 45 might be ancient, but for a 28-year-old like me, or a woman who is slightly older, what we might be an older man might be considered 60!

So if you are an older man who is seeking a younger woman, there is hope for you after all! Please read my next article for more information on the steps you can take to attract her.

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2 thoughts on “Younger Women DO like Older Men!

  1. I am married and an older guy too. I just know there is a younger woman out there who would appreciate me. Of course I love my wife so that is not going to happen. I love when younger women look at me and wink or give me the eye

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