How To Easily Meet Model Quality Women–From An Upscale Matchmaker


There is one easy way to meet model quality women, and that is to pay a visit to an upscale matchmaker such as myself.

But if a man really stops to think about what he is seeking from a matchmaker, most of the time, he comes to me seeking a model quality woman, but then reliezes he is seeking so much more, if he is smart he already knows. He is seeking a woman who is sweet, easy going, charming and graceful. He does not nessicerily need a rocket scientist, but he would like a woman who can carry a conversation, someone who is interesting, even someone with a good sense of humor.

And he is seeking someone attractive. So often, men come to me and looks are the first thing they mention. This is not being shallow, this is just him being a man. Men are first and foremost visual, but as I have stated in the previous paragraph, it takes a whole lot more then model quality looks to attract a man for the long term (the long term being more then one or two dates).

Even though men come to me stating they want a model quality woman, they are not actually seeking a model, what most men seek in a girl friend, a long term partner or wife is an extremely attractive (and when I say attractive, I mean attractive like Grace Kelly, Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie, Jackie-O) and less like the latest model from playboy, they are looking for someone who is not only attractive, but who is sweet, nurturing, mature, interesting, and kind. They are not looking for the dumb party girl who is high maintience and fake, while these girls might be fun or a date or to, they are not good prospects for a long term relationship and probably would not be interested in such a relationship either.

And as a matchmaker, I can introduce my guys to a hundred Grace Kellys, Reese Witherspoons, or Jackies, what makes the match successful or potentially successful at the end of the day is mutual attraction. Some attractive women will go out with a man just because he is rich or successful, even if there is no attraction, this is a clue to any man that this woman is only seeking a sugar daddy and not an actual husband or boyfriend. If a woman is truly attracted to a man, it should not matter if a man makes thirty thousand or three hundred thousand dollars a year or even three million, women who are seriously looking for a man for a long term realtionship are only looking for a man who can pay his bills, has good credit and someone they are not going to have to support, they are not looking for a millionaire.

And as I make it a point as a matchmaker NEVER take on women who tell me they want to just marry a wealthy man and don’t care what he looks like or how old he is. At the end of the day, it’s all about mutual attraction that makes a good match.

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