Nick and Nora Charles Have Left the Building (And Asta Too…)

I have always considered Nick and Nora Charles from the film  The Thin Man to be one of the perfect couples in the history of motion picture. If you have never seen the movie the The Thin Man, Nick and Nora are a childless couple who live together with one wire hair terrier named Asta. I think I like them so much, because their life together is just fun, light, carefree. They tease each other and banter back and forth like kids, their life is one cocktail party after another…and of course…it’s only a movie…and it was the 1930’s…

But if one looks at the movies from the golden age of Hollywood, one will notice a whole different era that today has for the most part is seeping away. These were the days when simplier, more true romance was alive, back before the days of reality shows, Facebook and Twitter,  back when people actually sat around and had conversations, back when the thing to do was go out and go dancing, go to the movies anything but watch Keeping up with the Kardasians or tweet what you had for dinner.

These were the days when ladies aspired to me pretty and feminine, not raunchy or fake, no fake tans, no Uggs, and absolutely no hair extensions, women took pride in the details of their outfits down to the gloves and hats, nor in showing off how much their handbag cost.

It was a time when men took pride in being a gentleman, they took pride in putting their home, friends and family first, these were the men that would raise their hat to a woman, stand up when she came into the room, these men knew how to dance, how to dress, and how to be respectful and polite.

A good gauge this change is by looking at the change in the bridal and wedding industry. Back in the 1930’s and 1940’s, a bride and groom might only a few hundred dollars on a wedding, a ceremony in a church followed by a luncheon with friends, or maybe if has going off to war, it was just the family or maybe just the bride and groom. Even looking at the engagement rings of the day, a would be average groom might spend a few hundred dollars (in today’s money mind you) on a small, simple ring, and the ring might not even have had diamonds.

Today, the average wedding costs at least $26,000, and for many couples ( and their parents) is having the biggest, flashiest ceremony they can afford, only to have a 50% or more chance of it ending. It’s not just weddings, we live in a culture that is driven by material needs and wants, even in the shadow of a recession.

Now you might be wondering why a matchmaker is discussing divorce in her blog, most people would say you should talk about the beginning…not the end of a relationship.

Well, the beginning has a good deal to do with if there is an ending or not.

Lets go back to Nick and Nora Charles in The Thin Man (which you should be reserving on your Netflix queue RIGHT now as you are reading this.)

Why Nick and Nora seem to have the perfect relationship is not only because they are a happy husband and wife who have a happy marriage, but because it seems also if they are the best of friends.And it’s exactly this that creates a long-lasting marriage or relationship. The friendship. Because it’s friendship that lasts when everything else is gone…

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