Is He or She a Commitment-Phobe? 10 Signs…From An Upscale Matchmaker

Here are ten signs that the man or woman you are dating might be a commitment-phobe.

1. He or she has a long history of short relationships.

2. The word marriage makes him or her run for the hills–or start a debate.

3. This person would rather do anything then get married–even get a root canal with anesthesia–every day for the rest of their lives.

4. They REALLY don’t want to meet your family.

5.  They don’t have any pets or house plants.

6. They don’t like to make plans to far in advance, even for the next week.

7. They don’t like labels, the dreaded term ” boyfriend” or “girlfriend” makes them cringe.

8. They have a long list of unrealistic expectations, and even if they found the perfect person, they would still think of reasons why they did not match up to their standards.

9. They tend to date people who are unavailable (married people, fellow commitment-phobes, long distance relationships etc)

10. They tell you flat-out, they never want to be married. ( And when they do, take them at their word.)

If you want to meet a marriage minded person, visit to meet the beautiful or successful man or woman of your dreams.

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