Living In the Moment–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Ralph Waldo Emerson reminds us, “it’s not in the wishing or hoping, but in the doing that creates the power to achieve the outcome.” How true this is, the more we DO the more energy we create. However, in order for us to DO, we need to understand that we must first BE PRESENT in the NOW to BE constructive. By learning to BE HERE NOW, not in the past or the future is more powerful than anything we have ever known. Reliving the past or worrying about the future saps our energy, keeping us stuck in our limited beliefs – our comfort zone.

In order to grow, we must show courage and step out of our comfort zone. However, when we step out of our comfort zone, we tend to see obstacles, but remember that obstacles come to instruct not obstruct – don’t waste energy trying to remove the obstacle – they are merely stepping-stones. Nevertheless, we start to become emotional (frightened, frustrated, angry, anxious, stressed, etc) and lose energy and power instantly as we start to blame or find excuses/reasons why we can’t continue on our path.

Emotions are our own ‘creation’, and we are the ‘creators’. Our ‘reactions’ show that the ‘creation’ has become more powerful than the ‘creator’, we have now become subjects to our surroundings, we react to what is going on around us – not yet recognising that we ‘created’ it. We have learned to believe that emotions show that we ‘care’, we even believe that when we ‘worry’ about someone or something it shows we care – but ‘worry’ comes from ‘fear’, and fear and love can never meet.

For us to move forward we must change these ‘learned behaviours’, and behaviours start with a thought. So in order to change a behaviour, we must start paying attention to what we are thinking. The only time we can transform any thought or behaviour is the instant we recognise it – this is POWER!!! this is NOW!!!… So always BE present in the NOW to DO what needs to be done!!!… Moving forward therefore is about celebrating and letting go of the past, embracing the future while enjoying, playing and having fun NOW!!!…

Question: How often do you live in the past or the future?…

Reflection: Why do you think you spend so much time in your mind in the past or the imagined future?…

Action: Check each day this week and catch the instant your attention/thoughts/conversations go into the past or the future… then change it.