Five Tips For Dating Younger Women–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Dating a younger woman makes older men feel young again. We seem to be ensnared by their youthfulness and their differences toward older women and that makes us want them even more. But how does an older man present himself to a woman who is younger than his age? How does he deal with their differences? I can say for a fact that dating a younger woman could be complicated but though this may be the case, there is something that we, men, can do to assure that we get to have that young woman as our date. There are 5 easy to follow tips that you could use.

• DATING TIP 1: Be a man. This is one of the most common mistakes that the male species commit. They often forget how to be a REAL MAN and often end up being regarded as mere stupid boys. Use this to your advantage; show her how it’s like to be taken cared of by a real man. Be gentle yet firm. Be a real gentleman when dating a younger woman. She would be amazed by this.

• DATING TIP 2: Use reverse psychology. Younger women seem to change their minds as quick as the blink of an eye. And mind you pal, they are really good at doing this. Do not be rattled by her outbursts and do not give in. Stay calm and assess what the situation demands of you. Now this is of utmost importance, act as maturely as you could but avoid being so adult that you seem more like her father than her lover. Believe me, she would most likely take it against you if you start acting like her father. And one more thing, if you do not behave like a young lovesick teen, she would surely see the difference of dating someone older when she compares you to other boys she had dated.

• DATING TIP 3: Give her freedom. As I have told you earlier, dating a younger woman gets complicated sometimes. She’s young and most times, she’d want to have that certain freedom that young people have. Do not expect her to be as mature as you. She is still learning from life and has to commit mistakes too. Do not hinder her options of learning. Let her be, she’ll be fine anyway. Do not tell her everything that she has to know about life. She’d get suffocated by you when you try and tell her every little thing that she has to do.

• DATING TIP 4: Tease. You do not want to appear like a maniac who’s out to hunt for young easy prey so you must not let your lust get to you. I know that the woman you’re dating is young and has this beautiful body but you have to try and stop yourself. Let her come to you. Blow her senses away by being someone who mirrors the man who knows how to pleasure a woman. Be the man who seem to know all the secrets of pleasure and you’ll give it to her only if she begs for it. Have patience and let your experience prevail.

• DATING TIP 5: Have fun. Young people think that when men get older, they get boring. Show her that you are not like that and that you could still have fun. When she wants to try something out, let her do it or better yet, join her on that thing she wanted to try. She’d appreciate it and you’d score some points with her.

It is important to not try too hard to be in their level of fun or thinking. When dating a younger woman, make it a learning experience. Share what you know and don’t repel what they contribute to the relationship. You will be surprised by how fun it will be not just for you but for your young babe as well.

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