How To Avoid Being A Chronic Single–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Do you seem to be the only one in your group of friends who has never had a serious boyfriend or girlfriend? Are holding out for that special someone, or are you just holding yourself back? The Truth is at some point you are going to have to ask yourself the hard questions as to why you’re single. At some point you need to stop blaming bad luck or poor timing and realize that there may be a few character traits that you have that are holding you back.

The following tips attempt to address the main reasons why you are a chronic single and in doing so attempt to provide the proper advice that will help you break free of your chronically single ways.

Tip #1: Take Some Risks

Sometimes the reason for chronic single status is because of the fear of failure. This is often the case in men who would rather approach no girls at all then be turned down by even a single one. With this mindset the chronic single will shy away from taking risks that involve the possibility of being turned down. By avoiding these risks you could also be avoiding an amazing relationship. So ask yourself, are you single because of your fear of rejection? If this is the case a simple dose of perspective is the answer. Just think about your favourite star athlete and think about how many goals they have scored. Now think about how many times they have missed the net. They missed a lot more times than they scored didn’t they? But they also would have never scored a single goal if they had never shot at all. So the next time you’re out and you see a person you’d like to approach and get to know just think of this “you will never score if you don’t shoot”. It’s time to take some risks.

Tip #2: Setting The Bar To High

Many people that are chronically single can trace their chronically single status back to having standards that are way out of this world. Everyone has their faults and at some point you have got to come to the realization that no person is perfect. You have to decide what faults you can live with and what faults are deal breakers. The only real way to find out which faults you can handle and which faults you can’t is to go out with a number of people, even if they don’t fit your exact ideal. You never buy the first pair of shoes you try on at the shoe store so why should your dating life be any different. It all comes down to getting out there and finding out what it is that you truly want. It’s time to stop falling back on what you think you want.

Tip #3: Commitment

Many chronic singles find themselves out on few dates but they never turn them into anything long-term. If you are one of these people, you need to ask yourself if it’s because you are pushing potential partners away when they start to get close. Often this ties into the, as mentioned before, fear of failure but it can also be tied to insecurity. This needs to be overcome before you can entirely escape from the chronically single lifestyle. The best way to do this is by becoming comfortable and confident with yourself. Take a step back and find out what you want in life, be confident, and allow yourself to have it. You deserve a relationship as much as anyone else, so it’s time to get out there and grab one.

Tip #4: The Shy Guy/Girl

So you’ve never been the one to make the first move and only now are realizing it has put you into the chronic single bracket. Well don’t distress because this is the easiest issue to address and there are plenty of options for you these days to break out of that pattern. Online dating, speed dating, and matchmaking services all provide first date opportunities where you can meet incredible singles all without having to make yourself vulnerable. You have nothing to lose by trying these options. More and more singles are meeting this way and everyday it is becoming more normal to hear about a friend who met his/her wife online. It’s also great way to avoid the bar scene and take the guesswork out of finding others who are single and looking. It’s time to come out of your shell and embrace the many opportunities available for starting a relationship.

Tip #5: The Future

Sometimes being chronically single is a result of having goals to accomplish now and telling yourself that you will have time for dating down the road. The future is now and you are the only ones who can change it for the better. If you really want to break out of the chronic single lifestyle you need to grab a hold of life. Get out there and meet people, go on dates, and remember that it is ok to set the bar high when dating, but also remember that if you set the bar high not every date will be a record breaker and that’s ok. Start now and you’ll have lots of time to sift through the millions of singles out in the world and find the partner that is just right for you. It’s time for you to shake off your chronically single status and join the world of long-term relationships.