How To Tell How He Really Feels–From An Upscale Matchmaker

What does he feel about me? Does he love me? These are questions I am often asked as a Tarot Reader and Intuitive. They are also questions I have often obsessed about. The amount of spreads and I Ching readings I have done for myself over the years, asking these very same questions, doesn’t even bear thinking about. This is one of the reasons I can fully relate and empathize, when someone asks me these same questions. I share here, a few ways I have found and use in my own life, that you can use straight away to realize how he feels about you.

1) The most important thing of all is listening to and trusting your intuition. Try not to doubt what you sense about him and his feelings towards you, for what you pick up intuitively, is very probably correct.

Do you know that fear blocks intuition? So, if you feel insecure about yourself and uncertain of your own attractiveness, you may have difficulty picking up the signals that are coming to you from him. So do your best to put your fears to one side, see them for what they are and trust your underlying feelings.

2) Even if he is not saying in words what he feels about you, the way he looks at you and the way he holds his body when he is around you, will tell you a great deal about his feelings towards you. Trust what you are picking up here too.

Don’t forget, that he is in all probability, as unsure of you as you are of him and he may not want to show his feelings, before he is more certain of how you feel. No one likes being rejected.

3) It can be very enlightening, to move aside from your own perceptions of a situation and literally stand in another person’s shoes. So, try imagining how he is feeling within himself and how he is feeling about you in particular.

Doing this will make you feel more confident, for you will understand him so much better.

4) Do this quick and simple meditation – get yourself comfortable and slow down your breathing. When you feel relaxed, ask your Higher Self/ Intuition/ Guardian Angel – whoever you feel comfortable with – your questions about him. Wait in silence for the answers to come to you, they may come in subtle ways; feelings, pictures, a knowing or a few words. Trust what you have received, give thanks and then return to normal waking consciousness.

If you write down the answers you can refer to them later.

5) Finally, and simplest of all. How do you feel when you are around him? Do you feel valued and honoured by him, as the unique individual that you are? Or do you feel that he is not really considering you, or not paying attention to your needs and your opinions? However he makes you feel and towards whatever end of the spectrum – valued or devalued – your feelings will show you, just how highly he regards you.

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