Reasons Your Partner May Loose Interest In You–From An Upscale Matchmaker

When we meet someone we are either interested in them or not, and if we are interested in them we tend to pursue them and get to know them better. But once we have that person we may lose that interest as time goes on. There are many reasons for this. Here are 3 of them.

1. You Stop Trying To Impress Them.

Everyone is on their best behavior when they first meet someone they are attracted to. They put in a lot of effort in to impress the other person and make them fall for the way they talk, think, and act. But once they stop putting forward this effort of trying to impress them they can seem like they don’t want to impress the other person anymore, and that may actually be the case sometimes.

After a relationship gets started it can become comfortable. You already have the person in your pocket right? Wrong! You may be in a relationship with them and they may like you for who you are, but you still have to try to amaze them with your ability to be such a great lover and partner in life. You’ve moved passed the stage of ‘Look what I can offer you initially’ to the stage of ‘Look what I can offer you in the long run’.

You should want them to know that they have a man or woman who is going to always find it imperative that they be impressed with their love, knowledge, and giving nature.

2. The Real You Comes Out.

This is why being fake to impress someone is a bad idea. If you spent the first bit of your relationship pretending to be someone you are not, just so you could get their attention and admiration, then you are looking at a big let down in the future for them and possibly a total loss of interest from them.

For example, let’s say you pretended to be a neat freak but you are actually a slob. One day you are going to get tired of picking up after yourself and instead allow your true messy side to start showing itself indefinitely. Your partner will be shocked at your sudden change in behaviour and because they are most likely a neat freak they will be appalled.

They may put up with it for a short time but eventually it may become too much for them to deal with. You knew they liked things neat in the beginning and they thought you did as well, but a huge contrast like that which causes them feel constant stress is enough to cause them to lose interest in you and find someone more similar to them.

So always be honest and upfront in the relationship, and if you pretend to be something you are not then you better be ready for the consequences.

3. You’re Too Clingy.

When you met you had separate lives and interests. You enhanced each others lives by being a little bit different and sharing with each other those differences. You went to the movies with your friends, and allowed yourself to miss your new partner, and then you came back together to spend some quality time together. Now you want to be everywhere they are at every hour of the day.

Sharing your lives together is essential to a happy relationship, but always being together is not healthy. You are a unique individual who has unique interests from your partner, and if you stifle those interests and activities to please your partner then you both suffer. You also want to keep your unique self alive by being with just yourself once in a while.

Even a small thing like going for a walk by yourself is doing something on your own. It’s allowing you to reconnect with yourself and remember who you are as an individual. It can only add to the relationship when you do this. Remember the one person who you always have in your life is you – so nurture that relationship and spend some time with you once in a while. Your partner loves the unique you after all, so you don’t want to lose him or her.

Losing interest doesn’t have to happen. Remember these 3 things in your relationships and remember that your partner should be excited to have you in their life every day they wake up. That is what will keep their interest.

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