Sugar Daddies.

As a matchmaker occasionally I run into the woman who is looking more for a sugar daddy then for a long-term relationship. Usually the first thing out of her mouth will be ” I am in a tight spot, and I am looking to date a wealthy man, I don’t really care how old he is  or what he looks like, I just care that he is wealthy.”

At this point, my response is a very polite ” Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

As an upscale matchmaker, I’m not in the business of finding woman a sugar daddy and if someone really wants to have that kind of relationship with someone, there are plenty of those kind of dating sites.

My male clients come to me seeking something more than just a few dates, they would like to meet the woman of their dreams they can enjoy a meaningful marriage or long-term relationship.

Sometimes potential female clients come to me wanting to get married–but for the wrong reasons. Sometimes they are looking to be a trophy wife–basically like being married to a sugar daddy.  There are a couple of red flags that immediately start flying once I hear ” I am a beautiful woman seeking a wealthy man for marriage, I don’t care how old he is, or what he looks like, but I would like him to be high income and–”

At this point I politely interrupt her with a “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

I once had a woman come to me who would not date a man unless he had a full-time gardener and house keeper–if they were not both full-time–then she wasn’t interested–because according to her–she didn’t want to be with a man who was not wealthy enough to afford full-time staff.

She told me she had been accepted by another upscale matchmaker in los Angeles–and they were sending her out on a date that night. I actually feel kind of sorry for the man she went out with, because he was paying this other matchmaker to introduce him to a gold digger…

Unlike other matchmakers in my industry, I don’t ask for my clients income–it’s not my business. A woman who is seriously interested in meeting a man for a marriage won’t ask either, all she is looking for is a man who is financially stable, the women we work with have dreams and ambitions of their own.

Unlike other matchmaking agencies, our agency focuses on the ENTIRE woman in searching for a perfect 10, a woman who is not only model quality, but also someone who is charming, sweet, witty and kind.