What Women Want From Men–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Ever wondered why what women want from men mattered so much when dating? That’s because unlike us, women usually have a much better idea of what kind of man they are looking for. Whether it’s short term or long term commitment, women are simply more picky about the men they choose. So to even things up a little, here are a few qualities you should keep in mind next time you meet someone.


First and foremost, what women want from men is the truth, not brutal and harsh, but absolutely no lies. Tell her what you are thinking, if it is appropriate, if it is not, and then say nothing. If you are in the middle of a messy divorce, simply say you are not completely free of all ties yet, or something that lets them know you are not ready to commit as yet. If you are into things that may not be very mainstream, then be open, but not brutally so, sound her out before you let her know that you may be into whips and chains, or some other alternative life style. If she comes up to you, and does not have the body type you prefer, she is slender and you like BBW’s, simply tell you are sorry but you are waiting for someone else.


She doesn’t want to be your mother so treat her right. Even though we live in a world where anything a man can do, a woman can also do, most women are still looking for a men they can depend on, not the other way around. So how do you expect to be a dependable person if you can’t even look after yourself.

Make Her Feel Comfortable

When it comes to body language, you need to also pay attention to what the woman is wearing. If the woman is wearing something that shows her off to a good advantage, and this does not have to be low cut tops or short skirts, then she is proud of her body, and you need to decide if you like what you see or not. If not, then stop before you start, because, in this case at the very least, what these women want from men is a compliment. If she is looking for more, she will let you know by moving closer or leaning towards you. If she is not, then she will stay where she is, and may even lean away from you. Not every woman who is out there is looking for a quickie.

Things In Common

In the beginning of most friendships, or relationships that grow from them, women want from men is someone they can talk to about common interests. While most like sports, not all of us do. Ask if she has a favorite sport, if she says no, then maybe she has several she likes equally, if she says yes, never make fun of whatever sport it might be, ask her why she likes it. Never talk politics on the first meeting or date, most of the time you can see how she feels about such things while discussing other topics, such as TV shows or favorite pets, if any. In the end, what women want from men is four things, honesty (not rudeness), self-reliance (can take care of them self), a few things in common (sports or hobbies), and a feeling of safety (you are not going to hurt her in any way). If it does not work out the first time, just remember, very few people find the right person the first time out.

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