Dating Safe–Easy And Free Background Checks You Can Conduct–From An Upscale Matchmaker

As an upscale matchmaker  it is my job to know my clients–and especially to know if they are good upstanding people that I feel comfortable introducing to my other clients. It is very important that you know some basics on that man or women you are going out with before the first date so you can assure they are safe.I will say upfront, one of the safest ways to meet someone is through another person that can vouch for the person they are introducing you to. This could be an upscale matchmaker like me, a friend, a family member or coworker.

The next best thing is to date someone from your social group or network, this way there will still be people who can vouch for this the quality of this person. This could be through your place of worship, a social organization, or any activity that involves a group of common friends.

After this, the next best thing is to meet someone in person at a singles event, or even another social event, even if it is a lounge, bar or nightclub, at least you are meeting a potential date in person.

The last resort I think is the internet, and by the internet I don’t mean checking out your friend’s friend’s on Facebook, I mean by going to an online site and meeting someone who you have never met before and has never met any of your friends, co-workers or family and someone who is outside your social circle.

When meeting someone like this ( or even when you are meeting someone who is a friend’s friend) you want to do a little research first, this is especially important for women, but I would say that men should do it as well, just to be on the safe side.

The three things you want to research is: Is this person who they say they are (in terms of name, job, age, etc),  Is this person actually single, and is this person a sex offender. You can find all of this out in a few simple steps.

1. Start by googling the person ( if you have not already) If they are at all active on the internet, they will have at least something pop up.

2.The next step is to run their name through three websites I highly recommend. The first might surprise you. It’s ancestry.com. Ancestry.com is not only the place to look for your ancestors, it will also provide you with some good records (including marriage, birth and divorce for many states) The second and third are Intellus.com and Veromi.com, two people finders. You can usually get some information for free, such as age and the person’s family, this could potentially tell you if the person is married if Ancestry.com does not.

3. Step three is probably the most important, especially for women. Run him through a sex offender check, just to make sure this man is not a sex offender. You can search for free here: http://www.familywatchdog.us/

Good luck, and be Safe!

Nicole, head matchmaker at Perfect10introductions.com