How to Dress To Attract Younger, Model Quality Women From An Upscale Matchmaker

You would be surprised, how you dress really does have a huge impact on attracting women, especially if your goal is to attract a younger woman. A man in his 40’s or 50’s or dresses a little more hip compared to a man who dresses a little more conservatively is apt to attract more women, especially if you are in a big city like LA or New York.

If you are a man who is a little older that is seeking to attract a women who is younger, here are some tips from me (an upscale matchmaker) that can help you put together a style that will impress ladies who might be a little younger than you.

Keep in mind when choosing a style, it’s not needed for you to go for the most trendy pieces, instead think: clean, modern and stylish.

– Start with a great pair of jeans: A great pair of jeans can really make you look a little more hip and fashion forward, go with something with a modern cut, but not something totally over the top. Go with a little a trendy, modern, clean, and easy. Such as these. Stay away from jeans that are tapered at the bottom.

– You can pair these jeans with a stylish button down shirt tucked in with a nice belt, or untucked for a more casual look. Don’t go to crazy with patterns, a white, black or grey shirt should do the trick. Try one like this which has a little detail ( the military pockets), but it still casual and comfortable. Stay away from Hawaiian style shirts, as these do nothing but age a man and should only be worn by retired men in their 70’s in Florida playing shuffleboard.

-As for foot wear a nice pair of European style loafers should do the trick, go with something with more of a tapered toe, less of a boxy toe, and once again, don’t go crazy with the trends, just buy something, clean,classic and modern.