How To Tell If She Likes You–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Believe it or not, women can get pretty predictable and transparent when they start to become attracted to someone. We all know that attraction is a very strong force that we have little control over and the more we try to suppress it, the more difficult it is to hold back the feeling. Now, how do we exactly tell when a girl is already attracted to you anyway? Can you actually know how to tell if she likes you? There are a million ways to read the signals and even much more signs she may try to send you so to give you a few, below are some of her body language you better start reading now:

  • She smiles and laughs a lot. Your jokes are starting to get corny but she still thinks they’re the funniest thing. Also, observe if her smile isn’t leaving her face after a good laugh — she definitely feels good being around you. Maintaining eye contact is also a first signs to know if she’s hitting on you — so keep her glued to you.
  • She reaches out and touches you. Touching can be intimate and the more she’s not scared to initiate the intimacy, the bigger the chance she’s hitting on you. Observe if she’s touching your arm, briefly reaching out to hold your hand or even a slight tap on the shoulder — she’s definitely into you now.
  • She maintains eye contact. Maintaining eye contact is one of the most powerful flirting signals there is that is definitely undeniable that she’s already checking you out — the eyes never lie and they’re often the most intense way to let someone know you like them. One look and it’s all done. So stare right back!
  • She’s sending flirting signals. Is she flipping and smoothing her hair too much? Licking and biting her lips? Crossing and uncrossing her legs? Showing you her open palms and wrists? Playing with her jewelry? These are all signs of flirting — and a sure sign she’s hitting on you!
  • She asks a lot of questions. She’s very curious and intrigued about you that she can’t seem to stop asking a lot of questions — she inquires about your family, friends and even about your plans for the weekend. She shares a certain amount of information about herself as well, getting all enthusiastic when you give a slightest hint of attention. Better do your move soon — nothing can be a more perfect time.

Nicole is an upscale matchmaker in Los Angeles, and the head matchmaker atPerfect10introductions.com, a upscale matchmaker providing model quality introductions and executive matchmaking.