Three Questions To Ask Her On The First Date–From An Upscale matchmaker

You’ve made it past the initial step and asked a girl out on your first date. congratulations, now you just have to worry about not messing things up and what to say and do on your date. You want to know more about her but at the same time you don’t want to come across as pushy and nosy. Here are some great conversation starters that will get her to open up and avoid those uncomfortable moments of awkward silence.

1. People love talking about themselves. This is true for both sexes, not just men. Ask her about her hobbies and interests. What does she like to do in her free time? This will get her to share more about what she finds interesting. From here you can pick up bits of information for even more conversation. Maybe you both share the same interests. Ask in depth questions about what she says. This will show that you are paying attention, a major bonus in any date.

2. You can ask her about school or work, but don’t dwell on these topics. You should be careful about these questions. Most people don’t like to dwell on their work or school problems while out on a date. Unless of course they speak passionately about their career or education, then you should proceed and probe more about these topics.

3. You can also talk about your favorite movies or TV shows. Or maybe movies you’ve seen recently. Don’t just come out and ask “What are your favorite movies?” this can come across as awkward and rehearsed. Instead, you should talk about a movie you’ve seen recently and ask her what she thinks or perhaps suggest going to a movie on your date. If you are going to a movie date, go to the movies before you take her out to dinner so you’ll have something to talk about during your meal.

Nicole is an upscale matchmaker in Los Angeles, and the head matchmaker, a upscale matchmaker providing executive matchmaking.