Three Tips For Your First Date–From An Upscale Matchmaker.

As an upscale matchmaker, I see many first dates. While the first date is generally pretty self-explanatory, there are some things you should know to have a good first date with your new love interest, especially if the person you are meeting is via a matchmaker like me, a friend or an internet dating site and have not known each other previously through work or friendship.

Here are Three Tips To Make Your First Date Great:

1. One of the biggest questions about first date etiquette is ” Who pays?”

Who pays generally depends on the situation, here are some possible scenarios and the correct answers for each.

-The man asks the woman out on a date: Generally, he pays. The exception to this is if both people are college students who are tight budgets, it might be nice for the girl to pay since she knows he might be on a tight budget.

– The woman asks the man out: I know this sounds old-fashioned, but she does not pay for him, unless of course, she is significantly wealthier and or older than the man and he is in a tough financial spot.  The best bet in an instance like this is the couples should go dutch, or if the man is inclined, he can foot the bill or contribute.

It’s nice for the girl to offer to pay something, even if it is the tip or the valet fee, it shows she is not taking advantage of him.

2. What is the ideal venue for a first date?

– When planning a first date with someone who is pretty much a stranger to you, plan on something casual like coffee, lunch or a drink. Do not plan all day events just in case the person turns out not to be to your liking. An ideal situation would be to meet at a restaurant with a bar. You can have a cocktail with the person, if they are to your liking you can look at having dinner at the same restaurant.

3. Should there be sex/intimacy/kissing on the first date?

This is 2011, so there really are no rules on this. Do what you feel comfortable doing. If you want to have sex on the first date, do it, if you want to wait until the tenth date you can do that as well. everyone moves at their own speed.The most important thing is, this is the one place a man SHOULD NOT lead, meaning a man should never say ” You wanna come back to my place?”, he leave this option up to her and let he gauge her comfort level with him.

Nicole is an upscale matchmaker at Perfect 10 Introductions, an upscale matchmaking agency


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