10 Signs She Is High Maintenance–From An Upscale Matchmaker

As an upscale matchmaker, NOTHING drains up a relationship like a partner who is high maintenance. And in high maintence, I am not talking about the fact that she goes out and spends 500 hundred dollars on a pair of shoes or goes to that expensive salon every week for hair treatments. I am talking about  women who, for these ten reasons and more are drains on you as a partner and whose actions will ultimately doom their relationships.

Here are 10 ways to tell that the woman you are dating might be high maintenance:

1. She is not emotionally mature.

Even though she is a full-grown adult, you feel as if you are dating a girl who just graduated from high school.

2. She is constantly jealous and needs reassurance of your fidelity.

Of course, every person is probably going to be jealous at one time or another, but women who are always jealous of their partners, especially if their partners have done nothing  have something deeper going on then just being jealous.

3. She is very judgemental and critical.

She can not be happy with the relationship as it is and nitpicks you about getting that better job, better car and better life.She is never completely happy with you.

4. She focuses all of her energy into the relationship.

She does not have a life outside the relationship, so no hobbies, no girl’s night outs, not even a fulfilling job.

5.She does not have any friends.

You are her soul source of companionship

6. She can not accept responsibility for her faults.

If there are issues going on in the relationship…it’s always your fault.

7. She has constant mood swings.

Her mood is unstable–and your suffer the consequences

8. Her life resembles a soap opera.

Her life could be an oscar winning drama, and she could win best actress. Everyone goes through a crisis once in a while, but her life is nothing but one crisis after another–and its up to you to fix it.

9. She pays no attention to your thoughts or feelings.

She does not see the relationship as a “we”, but only what you can do for “me”. She only thinks of what you can do for her, not the other way around.

10. She won’t accept help.

She won’t accept help from you or anyone else, and will certainly not work to better the relationship.

Nicole is an upscale matchmaker at, an upscale matchmaking agency in Los Angeles and around the US that is provides executive matchmaking to successful and beautiful singles.


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