Five Ways Your Can Tell If She Likes You–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Got a special girl in mind that you are wanting to ask out? As an upscale matchmaker at, so many people write to me asking how they can tell if a woman is into them–or not. Here are the top ten signs, she is CRAZY about you.

1. She compliments you LIKE crazy.

She likes your shoes, she likes your eyes, she likes that suit you wear that everyone else, including your mother hates. Bottom is, if she is throwing multiple compliments your way, she likes you.

2. She asks you a lot of questions.

If you feeling like she is sizing you up by asking about your job, you friends, your childhood etc…she probably is..and is also hoping for a relationship with you.

3. She flirts with you….A LOT.

If she becomes a uncontrolable one woman flirting machine around you, you know for sure this woman is into you.

4.She finds reasons to touch you.

Women who are into a man can’t help but touch him, so she mind find a reason to put her hand on yours when getting your attention, give you  hug or anything that will give her body to body contact.

5. She calls you/texts you/tweets you/facebooks you A LOT

You can tell that if she is taking her time to get in touch with you, she really likes you.

Nicole is an professional matchmaker at, an upscale matchmaking agency .


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