How To Break Up Proof Your Relationships–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Sometimes things just don’t work out, sometimes it’s something really painful that breaks up a relationship, sometimes its just time wears out a relationship, and it has a natural death, sometimes these exs can stay out friends, sometimes they are better off never being heard from again. It does not matter who we are with, just remember,  all relationships have a terminus point, even if that terminus point is death.

The best way to look at a past relationship is, that it was a phase in your life, and now it’s over, it might be something that is causing you pain, but it’s also an opportunity, the chance for you to go out and find the one that you are truly meant to be with…the relationship that ended probably taught you about yourself and what you and your arn’tseeking. So, you maybe sad, but you’re also free…free to find the one who truly loves you and who you love.

Making your relationship break up proof starts with the first date. Here are some ways to break up proof your relationship:

1. Have common relationship goals.

If one of you want to get married and have children and the other hates the idea of marriage and does not want a family, it’s not going to work out…and there is no point in you waiting around for this person to change, because chances are, they will not.

2. Have common life goals.

Make sure that your life goals match, if you both want completely different life styles that will clash, chances are its not going to work out.

3. Develop a friendship.

In the perfect relationship, the person is your best friend. Work on not only developing a romantic relationshp, but a friendship as well, because it is this friendship that will hold that relationship together.

4. Go at a natural speed.

Some relationships develop very fast, some go very slow. Don’t try to speed up or slow down the feelings you have. Every relationship moves at its own pace, trying to tamper with what naturally is will only cause you and your partner grief.

5. Keep intimacy fresh and fun.

Keep your sex life alive and romantic but constantly trying new ways to be intimate with your partner.

6.  Don’t Play Games

You not in high school anymore, so quit playing games with your partner. Deal with problems with honesty and good communication.

7. Communication is key.

Your partner deserves honestly. Whatever you are feeling, tell your partner, don’t hide things, because it will surely come back to bite you in the behind. Keep all your cards on the table.

8. Keep your own life alive and happening.

Keep your own friends, your job, your hobbies, nothing wears out a relationship like someone who has nothing else going on in their lives.

9. Respect and appreciate Your Partner Each and Everyday.

Find a new one everyday to show your partner how much your respect them and appreciate that they are in your life.

10. It Takes Two to Tango.

It takes two to keep a relationship afloat, a perfect relationship is not 50-50, its 100 perfect from each partner and each partner needs to take responsibility to make sure they are being the best partner they can possibly be.

Nicole is an upscale matchmaker at, a upscale matchmaking agency providing executive matchmaking to successful and beautiful singles.


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