Why I Became A Matchmaker.

One of the most questions I most often get is– why did you become a professional matchmaker and how did you get started?

I got involved with matchmaking almost by chance. I came to LA single and wanting to meet someone, I hadn’t had any real boyfriend for several years and had just been dating and finding out about myself. When it came to find time to meet that “special someone”, he was nowhere in sight, and I found myself lost and drowning in the LA dating scene–probably one of the worst in the US.

I tried a few dating sites ( yes, that’s right even I tried dating sites), and every man I met was just wrong, and if they were right, they were flakey, or already in a relationship, or a commitment phobe…and plenty of other things.

After a few months, I had it. That was it. And that was when it was time to call in the matchmaker.

I signed up with a couple of matchmaking services, most if not all work with women for free. They looked great on the outside ( and some of them are great, there are some very nice matchmakers in LA who I have high respect for) but there were others who took my photo and very little information about me and stuck me in their database…and what I got back really in all honesty was absolutely NOT what I was expecting. I was being matched with me that were MUCH older, and I mean, these guys were in their 70’s. It seemed like many of the women didn’t even care how old the man was, as long as he had money, they were happy…and the matchmakers I worked with thought I was seeking the same thing…

The thing was, I was different. I wanted someone I could have a connection with, someone who can be my soul mate, ny best friend, perhaps one day a husband, if he was rich or poor…it didn’t matter, as long as he was MY match.

But these matchmakers didn’t seem to understand that. It didn’t matter how many wealthy men they sent me…and the end of the day, the money absolutely did not matter. I quit using their services after a few months, and just a few weeks later I met a wonderful guy…

Long story short, I became a matchmaker, because I believe in true love, I believe it is one of the most powerful emotions that is stronger than almost anything else. Love can make the poorest person rich, and the lack of love can make the richest person terribly poor…its that important.

I also believed that I could do better than some of these older matchmakers who have been in business for years…I wanted to revolutionize the matchmaking industry, move it into the 21st century.

I wanted to make matchmaking not just about having a client sign me over a check for a retainer, and me then send them  on a few randomly selected  dates ( which is what so many matchmakers do), but for me to work closely with them, listen to all that they are seeking, and then help them find someone who matches that.

I see it as my job to work closely with them one on one , and to be, not just their matchmaker, but their supporter, their cheerleader, their coach and hopefully find them the true love they are seeking.

Nicole westwood is an upscale matchmaker at Perfect 10 introductions, an upscale matchmaking agency helping upscale singles find the love of their life.


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