Just Being Model Quality Isn’t Enough For This Upscale Matchmaker!

A lot of matchmaking companies in the US, and especially in LA advertise that they work with model quality women, and women that look like models…

I have to ask, yes so, they look like models, ok, but what else do they do?

And my clients tell me all the time, “it’s great if she has nice looks, but if I can’t have a conversation, what REALLY is the point?”

When a man comes to me looking for a match, he’s not JUST looking for model quality introductions or beautiful women,sometimes he’s not even looking for a model at all! Whether or not she looks like a model, he is looking for something much deeper then just beautiful looks and a nice smile.

He is seeking someone who is intelligent, kind, sweet and giving…and most important someone that might make a great girlfriend and wife.

Good looks will only take you so far in the matchmaking game, and its the women who’ve got brains,heart  and looks(yes in that order! ) that will win out everytime!

Nicole is an professional matchmaker and founder of Perfect 10 Introductions, an upscale matchmaking agency in Los Angeles.


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