Escort Agencies And Sugar Daddy Matchmaking In Disguise

Perfect 10 Introductions: Sugar daddies and gold diggers need not apply.

Every man wants a beautiful, attractive women…that is absolutely understood, but there are some matchmaking agencies that think this is all a man is seeking, they also think beautiful women on only seeking rich men that will spoil them with money.  There are some very large matchmaking agencies that even use the words “sugar daddy matchmaker” in their google ad words campaign….Sad…It’s unscrupulous matchmakers like this that ruin a the time old tradition of matchmaking.

Simply do a search for “sugar daddy matchmaking” or ” sugar daddy matchmaker” and you will see very traditional matchmaking agencies appear in the Google ads along with sites that are clearly escort agencies…in fact matchmaking is actually a term used by escort agencies to disguise they are actually doing something illegal…

Men who come to a matchmaker while might be seeking a model quality women they are also seeking a woman with class, intelligence, and the desire for commitment.  These women don’t need to date a rocket scientist, but it’s nice if the women can actually hold a conversation and have interests and hobbies.

The woman I work with at Perfect 10 Introductions surprise me…and impress me…not only are they gorgeous, their personalities are beautiful, their minds are active. They are multi faceted, witty, charming and sweet, some of them are even ivy league educated and earning very good money. What these women are seeking is a man they can spend their lives with…not someone to give them a monthly allowance.

If what these men wanted was to be used for their money and status, they would not be crossing paths with me, I am sure they would be on some kind of sugar daddy dating site where they could be paying 19.95 or something like that…

I also actually in the process of converting my old agency,The Nicole Westwood Agency, into a matchmaking agency that caters solely to matchmaking for women, something that is sorely needed in this industry.

As an upscale matchmaker I have a “gold digger radar” that goes off within the first few minutes of speaking to a woman who is only seeking a wealthy man.  I’m in the matchmaking business, not in the sex for money business or in the trophy wife business. If men and women are seeking this sort of relationship…that’s fine…this is 2011…just don’t contact me…I’m not a sugar daddy matchmaker, a madame or a pimp…I screen the women and men I work with carefully and one of the main criteria is a desire for to meet someone for dating, a relationship or marriage.

When I was in my mid twenties, I was a client of a few matchmakers in LA. I set my age range to 35-50 and the only men I was introduced to where men in their 60’s and 70’s, all of whom seemed to own golf courses and major corporations. Nice….but SERIOUSLY ladies and gentleman…I think I will pass…

The matchmakers that assume that just because woman are beautiful all they are seeking is wealthy men and all they are good for is being a trophy wife. I think this extremely disrespectful to women…Come on people, this is 2011, women are sophisticated, college educated and savvy. A real woman is seeking a man for love and companionship not for how much money he can provide her.


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