Frighteningly Bad Dating Site Photos (What Photos NOT to Post With Your Dating Site Profile).

As an upscale matchmaker, I don’t know how kosher it is that I am writing a post on dating sites.

But here goes:

I am not against dating sites, in fact I think they are good to use in tandem with working with a professional matchmaker. I have even been flirting with the idea of starting my own.

I think the internet offers a nice selection of dating sites,even some free ones…dating sites should be sparingly, like salt.

So, the use of a free site like Plenty of Fish, Zoosk, or OKcupid never hurt anyone. Hey, people have been known to meet someone on a dating site (Yes, the matchmaker is meeting that). I am sure there are a lot of great people on dating sites…and then some not so great…well a lot of them actually…when going on a date site both men and women should choose their dates wisely, screen, and absolutely  meet in a public place on the first, but some people you know are just “Nos” from the minute.

This morning I was browsing around one of those paid dating sites that shall remain nameless, but it is one that guarantees that if you sign up…you will meet models…If a client comes to me and says he wants to meet a model, I can give him  model quality introductions, and it’s worth the price, because these women are handpicked exactly for him.

But dating sites can not control who comes on to their site and signs up…that’s why if you are going to a dating site…go to a free one…you will find the same hodge-podge of beautiful people, normal people and well…people that look a little creepy like some fellows you see below.

I think the major difference between and free site and a pay site is there are probably many less fake profiles on a free site then on a pay site….

Anyway, so I went on this site that shall remain nameless for a few minutes and just in that space of time, I found some definite dating site photo no-no’s, some of which I will share with you below with my matchmaker worthy commentary.

I have to ask myself, what happened to the nice head shot or portrait? Also ror your information, these were all main profile pictures…not tucked away somewhere in their photo album…I found all these photos in about 7 minutes flat…

I think this is probably the biggest dating site photo no-no of them all. This woman clearly doesn’t seem to be this man’s sister or female relation of any kind….This man’s profile was checked off that he was only looking for long-term relationships and marriage…somehow I think not.

It’s not a good idea to post a photo of yourself with an open liquor bottle…Just my two cents…also 1996 called…it wants its shirt back.

Posting with a cigarette is probably just a little worse than the open liquor bottle…

God, I am lost on what to say about this one…I think this guy meant well…but got a little lost along the way.

Posting with your car is almost as bad as….

Having your car be your only picture of yourself…

Unless it was Oktoberfest in Venice (highly unlikely), this screams ” Look at me, I have a drinking problem.” Save photos like this for Facebook.

Photos of you sleeping (…or dead) are not recommended.

This photo just confuses me… We live in the age of Photobucket, please turn your photo right side up…please.

Get off the phone one minute to take decent picture.

And finally…I have no idea what’s going in this picture, and I don’t think I want to know…


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