The Kind of Woman Men Like.

Although every man is looking for something different, there seems to be a universal consensus (or at least one between my clients over the years) as to what men are looking for. As an upscale matchmaker, I have seen most men seeking a few particular qualities in a woman and these are:

1. She is kind, mature and serious about being in a relationship:

One of the most basic things men who are commitment minded are seeking is a woman who is serious about being in a relationship, and a woman who wants to put her ALL in to making one work, and one who knows how to be a good partner.

2. No Party Girls Need Apply:

Men who are commitment minded are specifically not searching for a woman who is a heavy drinker or drug user, or simply one who likes every night til’ 3 AM

3. No Gold Diggers Either:

Men are NOT looking for a woman who is just out to date them for their money. Most men are searching for a woman who can at least pay her own bills and rent.

4. Someone with hobbies and Interests:

Many men are looking for a woman who’s got hobbies and interests–basically things she enjoys doing, whether it’s knitting or motor bike racing, men love women who are passion about their hobbies because it makes them all the more interesting.

5. Someone who is laid back and low maintenance:

I’m not talking about the weekly mani-pedis you get or the fact you visit the salon every week for a color touch up,I am talking about women who makes being in a relationship difficult by creating senseless drama.  Men are looking for a woman who is easy-going, and someone who makes a relationship fun and free-flowing. Someone who can deal with problems in a mature and level-headed manner.

6. Someone who is independent.

While men love to spend time with you, TOO much time is a little smothering. Men are seeking someone who can have interests and friends away the relationship.

7. A woman has a beautiful heart.

Men are seeking a woman who has a big heart, she thinks of other people than herself. She makes time for her family and friends, maybe she even volunteers in her community.

Nicole Westwood is a professional matchmaker at Perfect 10 Introductions who works with upscale singles in finding them lasting love.


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