How To Tell If Your Date Is Married…

To most people, dating is already a minefield of unknowns, but today I am going to talk about one of the biggest, baddest mine fields of them all. The potentially married man or woman who might be masquerading as a singleton.

First off, don’t date married people, not only is it morally wrong, it’s also the fastest road to heartbreak and drama. I don’t care how attractive he or she is, just don’t do it.

Here are some ways you can tell your guy or girl is potentially married or in a relationship:

1. You are suspicious. Something is just not right about this person. As you probably know, where there is smoke, there is generally fire.

2. He/she is evasive about his personal life and where they live.

3. He/she only contacts you from a cell phone, or worse just through e-mail.

4. There is a tan line where a ring used to be on his/her finger, or worse, a wedding band looking ring has migrated to another finger or hand entirely, or even worse, they are still wearing it!

5. He/she pays for things in cash–not credit cards.

6. He/she is never available in the weekend.

7. There are places in or whole section of town he/she won’t go to.

8. You have never been in his/house.


Nicole Westwood is a professional matchmaker at, an upscale matchmaking agency.


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