Eight Ways You Know It’s Time To Break Up–From An Upscale Matchmaker

I think meeting the perfect person is hard enough….but breaking up with the person who you thought was perfect?

That’s even harder.

Here are eight signs that you should know when it’s time to break up with the person you are seeing and move on:

1. You just don’t feel the same way anymore, and there is something in your heart telling you that you need to move on ASAP. Trust you intutiion, chances are, it’s right.

2. Your partner is abusive or cruel to you.

3. You’ve cheated, or are planning to cheat.

4. You’ve been cheated on.

5. You are more sad these days then happy.

6. You are doing most of the work in the relationship.

7. Neither or you is putting any effort into the relationship and it seems like it is dying a natrual death.

8. Your bestfriend and your mother have been hinting at you leaving him or her.

Nicole Westwood is an professional matchmaker at Perfect 1o Introductions, an matchmaking agency in Los Angeles 


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