Seven Questions To Ask The Man Or Woman You Are Dating–From A Professional Matchmaker

As a professional matchmaker there are couple of questions I always ask my clients before matching them with anyone, and they should be questions you should discuss with the person dating sooner rather then later, so you get a good idea of what your future is with them and if they are compatible on the long term with you. These questions can be brought up as early as the first or second date.

Here are the five things you need to bring up:

1. Marriage

Someone who wants to get married and someone who does not believe in marriage are not a very good match. See what your potential partner’s intentions are within the relationship before diving into deep with someone.


Another deal breaker for many people. If you are a man or woman seeking a family and the other person is not, it could mean trouble.

3. Finances

Is this person a hard worker with savings, a starving artist or someone who is waiting around for someone to come rescue them?

4. Religion

If going to church or temple is an important part of your life, you might want to date someone with the same interest in religion, or at least someone who is tolerant of a religious partner. Religion might no matter in the beginning, but it might down the line when you want to get married and have children.

5. Political Beliefs

Differing political beliefs does have to mean you can’t date someone, the key is how open minded you are in excepting the differences, which means a closed minded liberal and a closed minded conservative might have trouble dating if they can’t except each others differences.

6. Life Goals

You need to have compatible life goals. If one of you wants the house with the white picket fence and one of you wants to be a bohemian nomad traveling the world, you might run into some troubles.


You might not think this is a problem, but if you are allergic to cats and you date has 3 cats that they devoted to, it’s probably not going to work out.

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