So you Want to Sign Up For A Free Dating Site.

Several people have sent me messages asking me what I think of dating sites as a professional matchmaker, and ask me which they think is the best for them to sign up for.

This post I am concentrating on free sites, the next I will concentrate on pay sites.

Unlike my upscale matchmakers in my business, I think dating sites can be a valuable tool for people looking to meet someone as not everyone can afford the services of a professional matchmaker. Whether someone will meet Ms. or Mr. Right is really the luck of the draw, and some dating sites make it easier for their users than others.

Over the past week, I had an opportunity to sign up for a couple of dating sites and check out how they work and how beneficial they are to a potential user looking for love.

Of all the free sites I looked into, I truly believe is by far the best, for a couple of reasons, the best of which it is 100 percent free for all of its users. They have a whole myriad of matchmaking tools, quizzes and profile features that allow you to compare yourself with other members, they have many less members than which is actually a good thing. Plenty of Fish is very bare bones, packed with people, littered with ads (where OKcupid has none) and really has no matchmaking tools whatsoever.

The downside to Okcupid is that it is general dating site and has a very young demographic, so for people seeking someone a bit older, it might not be the place to sign up for.

Next post I will concentrate on pay sites and which one is worth is worth you money.


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