So you Want To Sign Up For A Paid Dating Site.

If you are like  60% of America, chances are you will be signing up for a dating site, or have at least been on one in the past.

But with so many choices, which will you pick?

As a matchmaker, I have an inside look on the best way for that couples meet. Of course, I would recommend going to a professional like me, but if you can’t afford the services of a matchmaker, some dating sites out on the market off you a pretty good DIY approach, and some cost nothing, actually the one is absolutely free, but before talking about that, I want to talk about some sites you should not sign up for, and my answers might surprise you.

This past week, I had a chance to visit over 30 dating sites, big ones and small ones, general ones as well as niche sites.

When you are looking for a dating to sign up for, I would bypass the big ones (EHarmony and, these sites are so crowded, you are likely to lost in all of the members and in the many fake profiles these companies use to fill out their ranks.

I would also bypass any site in any way associated with wealth. Some of the top “wealth” or “millionaire” sites are off shoots of sugar daddy sites, for example, when I paid a quick visit to a site called ” Seeking Millionaire”, I was disturbed to find they advertising a site called ” What’s Your Price” where women literally change a man for a date…yes, you read that right!

The “wealth” niche is one I would stay away from,  but other niches actually work quite well, and might give you a better selection of people who share your common interest.

If you are religious, you might want to sign up for a faith-based dating site like Jdate ( Jewish) or Catholic Singles.

Or maybe you are a single parent, a vegetarian, an expat or an animal lover, there is a dating site for you with like-minded people.

Now to the one I mostly highly recommend. This is going to surprise you, but I actually recommend Okcupid most highly, for one thing because it is completely free. When a site is free, the sites have no reason to create fake profiles because of the crowds it will draw.

Not all pay sites are created the same though. Plenty of Fish, the biggest free dating site on the net gets a big thumbs down from me. Why? because it feels like you are on a free site…it is jammed packed with every kind of person imaginable, has no matchmaking features, bare design and numerous ads are really off-putting.

I love Okcupid is because of all of its matchmaking tools, and its lack of ads. It feels like you on a pay site, but for out all of the moolah.

So my verdict? Sign up for OKcupid, and when you are ready, use the services of a professional matchmaker like me! 🙂



One thought on “So you Want To Sign Up For A Paid Dating Site.

  1. First off, great post. I’m one of those people who can’t afford a professional matchmaker, so I’ve been trying to find the best site. I’ve avoided the big sites for the same reason you said to avoid them, they are too crowded! I didn’t know if paid services where better than free ones, but I think your argument about fake profiles on paid ones makes sense. I think I’ll either use a free one like OKcupid or a niche one like J-Date (which I’ve heard is great and has a lot of success). Gives me a lot to think about

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