11 Ways YOU Can Date The Woman Of Your Dreams–From A Professional Matchmaker

Dating can be stressful for guys especially that they are the ones who will initiate the dating. There is a fear of rejection as well. However, if you are well-equipped with some tips that can help you succeed, you don’t have to worry about it. Here are a few dating tips for guys that you may find useful to approach and date women of your dreams.

1. Know the art of good storytelling. It’s a powerful tool in letting a woman discover you as a person, which could lead you to achieve comfort in each other and attraction. It also allows you to tell a woman almost anything you want about yourself. It provides an opportunity for her to get to know you better and perhaps motivate her to do the same. You can talk about your passions and interests and ask her about her own.

2. Conceit is a drawback signal for women. You may tell her a part of your life but don’t promote too much self-importance by revealing how everybody admires you and how many girls you have dated in the past. Much more, talk about how nonsense your previous dates were.

3. Take care of yourself by looking good in some decent clothes and shoes. A well-trimmed hair and a neat personality are as attractive as a handsome man. Let her know that you can handle yourself in that aspect, just as you can handle a date.

4. Women neither appreciate stupidity nor timidity. At least you are equipped with ideas from good articles you have read or current events so you can carry on a conversation, and at least, get rid of nervousness.

5. Sort out some direction in your life. Have a career or job that is respectable -something that will give clear directions as to your future plans and prospects. Any woman would consider it very important in a man.

6. Be patient. Do not expect sex right away. If you are really into a serious date, she would never like sexual advances on a first date. Getting to know each one is obviously first on the list.

7. Show her that you have the right manners and you respect her fully well. Rudeness is a sure way to keep her from liking you a bit. This should be one of the dating tips for guys to remember always even if you are still approaching the woman.

8. Know something about the ladies – jewelry, fashion, flowers etc. These are the very things that most women like. However, if sports is one of her fortes, it would be a lot easier, since more guys are into it. This way, you’re in the right track of creating a connection with the woman you want to know more about.

9. Make sure you mean it when you say something positive about her. Not just to flatter her, but to appreciate the fine qualities that she has. Every woman needs to be appreciated once in a while to augment her self-esteem.

10. Learn how to stop talking and listen. You can tell stories though, but allow a woman to converse with you and pay attention to her ideas. A one-way street communication destroys the fun and excitement of getting acquainted with each other.

11. Do an activity together-like learning how to dance ballroom, even if that is something you avoid during your physical education classes. It’s a nice chance of being close to her physically and the idea of being together in a dance is quite romantic. It leaves a feeling of security when you are holding her in your arms.

 Nicole Westwood is a professional matchmaker at, an upscale matchmaking agency providing executive matchmaking.



One thought on “11 Ways YOU Can Date The Woman Of Your Dreams–From A Professional Matchmaker

  1. I wish i had read this before going on a date last night. Although i wasn’t being conceited or made any advances, my story telling sucked. Optimistically, i hope she overlooks my timidity or my lack of knowledge of pop culture (Like vampire diaries, and Spartacus :/ )

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