Eight Tips To Attract Beautiful Women–From A Professional Matchmaker

Some men may just be naturally attractive to women but even if you are just an average Joe, you can still learn how to be attractive to women. Of course, there are tips that you can learn and if you can master a few of them, you can actually become irresistible to women you want to be with.

1. Know your best asset and flaunt it. A lot of women appreciate guys who know how to use what they have to attract attention in a positive way.

2. Arm yourself with good clean fun ideas and humor. Most ladies get attracted to guys who know how to make them really laugh. After all, laughter is an exercise that benefits not only the body but the soul. A guy will be attractive if he has a cheerful spirit and it’s contagious too!

3. A genuine smile at an appropriate chance and opportunity can work magic. It can be a plain act of appreciation but it sends a lot of messages that can uplift our spirits, and a guy can be just as sexy and charming to women if he has a ready smile. If he shows it to affirm something, coupled with a nod, more probably than not, girls would be charmed. Probably the simplest way on how to be attractive to women is to wear a genuine smile at the right time.

4. Be kind and gentle not only to women but to everyone. Gentlemanly gestures or acts are a plus factor for men to be attractive to women. Those who know how to act tenderly and compassionately sends a message that they can and will take care of you when you need it most.

5. Know how to dress up. If you know what you are collecting and storing in your closet, and when you know how to use them, you will certainly be a lot better than those who do not look in the mirror to check how they are in their outfit. A woman is charmed by those who have good taste and style when it comes to clothing. It’s just like showing a part of your personality and making a statement of yourself, out of the pieces that you are putting on especially if it compliments his features.

6. Be very good at people and communication skills. But stay real. Your presence should be as exciting as when you start to get your ideas across. Guys who are good at handling tough situations involving people, expresses fair and just opinions about others, or provides real pieces of advice to friends surely gets the approval of women. When you don’t shy away from strangers and easily makes new friends, it’s a great gift.

7. Have a special talent. Or at least try to find out where your inclinations are – music, arts, sports etc. Those who have great abilities in basketball, football, or can play a musical instrument or two, have an excellent singing voice or can sketch skillfully are attractive in a way, women cannot explain.

8. Develop good listening skills. If you know how to communicate, then part of that ability is listening. When you pay attention to what others are saying, it implies that you are interested in them and you value their opinion or suggestion. It is not for the wrong motive of not hurting your feelings by not listening to you, but for the authentic reason of knowing what is on your mind. Isn’t it an edge to charm ladies?

Nicole Westwood is a professional matchmaker at, a upscale matchmaking agency providing executive matchmaking.


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