Getting Married is Not a Financial Goal

I feel that marriage is not taken seriously today at all when in fact it is one of the most serious commitments, emotional, legal, financial you will ever make.

Marriage is not like buying a car you are going to trade in after a few years, marriage is supposed to be a life long commitment, one that sees you through thick and thin.

As a professional matchmaker, I think it’s important that singles look at what their real reasons are for getting married and–if they are actually ready to make the commitment.

First off, you should not get married to escape anything or because it will better your life financially, I.E. ” If I marry a rich man or woman, my life will be better.”, it’s surprising how many people think this, or are secretly thinking this, but at the end of the day marriage is NOT a financial goal or a step to get out of debt or a more cushy ride in life.

It’s actually quite the opposite.

I believe before anyone, male or female gets married, their personal finances should all be in order, they should have healthy and saving habits, and may want to have a nice little nest egg saved up and a clean credit score before they tie the knot.

And before you get married, have some clear, honest talks about money…so the money problems won’t come back to bite you in the behind once the honeymoon is over.


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