How To Get A Great Girlfriend–From A Professional Matchmaker

One of the core concepts behind any effective dating advice is for a guy to start demonstrating higher value in order to attract women. Now, this concept does take on many forms, as some guys take it to mean that they need to always present themselves as being of higher value than the woman that they want to attract. However, there is another route that you can take with this, which is very simple and very effective. And that is to instead demonstrate higher value than most of the men that she comes across.

See, a lot of men make the mistake of trying too hard to be perceived as being higher value than a woman and when they do this, they come across more like an arrogant jerk than they do a desirable male. It’s actually quite easy to end up that way, because if you are constantly trying to show that you are out of her league, eventually you are going to cross over into being arrogant.

Here’s why it is much better, more effective and more natural to instead focus on being of higher value than other men that she meets:

For a little frame of reference, keep in mind that I am mostly talking about really good looking women, the kind that have no trouble at all getting male attention. Okay, so if you are a good looking woman, and most of the men that you meet end up trying hard to impress you, are quick to do you favors and such, what are you probably going to be thinking?

Well, you probably would be thinking that it’s very nice to get that kind of treatment, but at the same time, you would also be thinking something along the lines of, why is he doing this? It just does not seem natural.

On the other hand, if you were to approach a good looking woman and show her that you are above that kind of behavior, then you will get a much different reaction. You don’t have to worry about trying to make yourself seem out of her league, because you are already showing her that you are not going to just suck up to her to get her attention or to get her approval.

The quickest way to get a girlfriend is to take on the attitude that you are of a higher value than the average guy.

This automatically puts you in another light and ‘forces’ her to take notice of you. Simply because you are not doing what all of the other men she encounters do. You don’t have to be a jerk to her to give her that impression. You don’t have to worry about using any kind of routines. You don’t have to worry all of the time if you are holding yourself right. Because you will be. And that will make you seem more attractive and appealing and get you more attention from women, which of course will lead to way more opportunities to get a girlfriend.

Nicole Westwood is an upscale matchmaker and professional matchmaker providing executive matchmaking to upscale singles.


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