Never Fail Questions To Ask Her On The First Date–From An Upscale Matchmaker

First dates make great sitcom episodes because they very rarely go very well. They’re usually awkward and are full of guessing games and tensioned filled silences. Luckily, guys, you can do something about it! Use these questions to end those awkward silences, while at the same time using great psychological techniques to virtually guarantee a second date…

Even though you can use the examples in this article, it helps to know why these questions work so well. They actually accomplish two things. First, they are open ended questions, which help keep a conversation going pretty smoothly and allow for transitions into other topics.

Second, they use psychological techniques that help her imagine good times and wonderful feelings on the date. This will subliminally make her associate the good feelings she had with you and your date… once again almost guaranteeing a second date. So use these as examples, but now that you know the secret, feel free to come up with your own.

“Who do you admire most in your family?” This one will usually invoke the answer of their dad or their mother, but sometimes you get a surprise answer like their sister. Either way, this invokes the good feelings we talked about as well as opens the door to ask the next question, which is “why?” You can also use it as a way to get to know her better.

Another great question is to ask her something specific about her hobby. For example, if she likes to camp, ask her where she’s seen the best sunset. Once again, opens the door for more questions like “why” and “with who”, but it also invokes memories of quiet sunsets and great feelings.

 Nicole Westwood is an upscale matchmaker who specializes in upscale matchmaking and executive matchmaking. She owns Perfect 10 Introductions, which is a matchmaker based in Beverly Hills and works with clients in New York, Los Angeles, Mimai, Dallas, London and Paris.



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