Things That Turn A Woman On–And That Turn Her Off–From An Upscale Matchmaer

This week we will focus on what turns single women on and what turns single women off. It’s very important to know these things so you will know what to do to attract and turn women on. Also, by knowing what turns women off, you can avoid making mistakes that men make which can cause a woman not to be attracted to you.

Listed here are things about men that turns on single women, according to hundreds of single women surveyed:


  • Meeting men in a public place naturally and by accident
  • Honest men
  • Nice men who treat them with respect
  • Men in tight jeans
  • A man with a good sense of humor
  • Men with a outgoing and friendly personality
  • A man who is ambitious and knows where he is going in life
  • Men who have the ability to be himself and not try to put on an act
  • Men who listen to you and try to get to know you


Listed here are things about men that turn single women off, according to hundreds of single women surveyed:


  • Men who act “Macho” and have an overinflated ego
  • Men wearing too much jewelry
  • Men trying to impress you by talking about their material possessions (car, yacht, mansion, penthouse, wealth, etc.)
  • Unclean men
  • Men obsessed with sports (all they talk about is sports and spend their weekends camped on the couch watching sports)
  • Overweight men with a pot-belly
  • Show-offs
  • Men constantly pawing at their bodies
  • Men who give too many compliments
  • Guys always looking in the mirror and flexing their muscles
  • Men who are too sexually aggressive
  • Drunks


Nicole Westwood is an upscale matchmaker and professional matchmaker providing executive matchmaking to upscale singles.



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