How To Dress To Attract A Woman–From A Professional Matchmaker

The starting point to attract a woman is to look good. First impressions do count, and if you put off every desirable single woman on a given day by having an unkempt appearance you will then have your work cut out to try to overcome this disadvantage when trying to pick up beautiful women. Here’s how to look good to unattached women…

You have to see it from the point of view of the single woman you would like to first attract and then meet. A man’s good looks are important to her, yes, but also being well groomed, having nice hair and clothes matters just as much. In fact there are many guys who are not that good looking but who are very successful in attracting and meeting single women — you’ve probably come across such men and wondered how they do it?

What is the secret of their success? No doubt their confidence and having the right attitude is very important, but they would not get far to begin with in their efforts to attract a women if they did not look well-groomed and did not create a successful first impression with every single woman they meet.

Consider creating the right impression to be your first set of credentials that you present to the world, and specifically to the beautiful women of the world. In attracting and meeting a woman some things are not as easy as looking well groomed, so start by getting this easy one right first if you really want to land a beautiful woman. Why would you get this one wrong and put off almost every beautiful single woman you might meet before you have even spoken to her?

Start with your shoes. Surprisingly a single woman will pay a lot of attention to men’s shoes and whether they are clean and attractive. If you do not have any decent shoes go out and buy some from a fashionable store — go for something relatively safe yet stylish, not too strange or cutting-edge. If you already have some good shoes, clean them thoroughly. You may not be in the habit of cleaning your shoes, but now is the time to begin if you want to attract a woman. In an emergency you could use a scrubbing brush to remove dirt and if you do not have any shoe polish to hand then furniture polish works almost as well — but do invest in a good shoe-cleaning kit for future use.

Wear comfortable, fashionable clothes, but not so fashionable that you stand out in a crowd and everybody stares. Make sure your clothes are clean and look new — no wear marks or worn surfaces. If your hair is a little rough-looking, get it trimmed. All of this is very important if you want to attract and meet a single woman.

Before you go out, shower and shave. Clean your teeth and use mouth-wash. Use a little cologne or ‘aftershave’ but sparingly, you do not want to stink of the stuff. Pay attention to your fingernails, making sure they are clean and neatly trimmed. If you are over 40 and really wish to attract a single older woman then trim your nasal and any ear hair too.

Now, you never know when you are going to meet an interesting or attractive single woman. You can be seeking to meet single women by going to a bar or nightclub, of course, but you may accidentally meet beautiful women in the most unlikely locations. For this reason, it is important that you always pay this much attention to your appearance and grooming so that you do not get caught out. What would be worse than meeting the girl of your dreams in the gas station one Sunday morning when you had just piled out of bed and thrown on some old jeans — only to find she was not interested in you because she had been put off by your ungroomed appearance?

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