In this article, I give 6 examples of places where you can find a sophisticated woman.

1- Wine Tasting

A great place to find a refined woman is at a wine tasting event. Now if you enjoy tasting different wine and spending a pleasant afternoon in an outdoor environment, then this is a great place to meet women in a relaxed atmosphere.

If you’re not familiar with wine tasting events, they are events organized by club or business as a way to get people to judge different wines while being able to meet different people.

What’s great about wine-tasting events is you get to enjoy a fun hobby while mingling and engaging different people in conversation. Of course, the alcohol in your system makes it a lot easier to talk to women.

2- Libraries

Another *intellectual* place to meet women is at your local public or academic library. While some people go here strictly for research or work, you can still find a good number of women who like browse the stacks and look at different books.

As long as you locate a woman who isn’t too preoccupied, you can initiate her in conversations without being too forward. Typically I like to mention something about the book she’s looking at and then let the conversation from her.

3- Dinner Clubs

All over the country there are special organizations called dinner clubs. The focus of these groups is to bring compatible people based on age, interests and background for dinner and conversations.

What I like about dinner clubs is you get to meet a number of people (not just women) and make instant connections in laid back atmosphere. Furthermore, you can engage women in conversations without feeling the pressures of a date.

If you want to find a dinner club in your area, simply do a Google search and you should be able to find some interesting options.

4- Charity and Civic Events

A great place to meet sophisticated women is at a charity or civic event in your area. At these occasions you’ll find lots of folks banded together for a common cause. But while you’re there to help do good you can also use this opportunity to meet women.

What’s great about charity vents is you can easily find women who are interested in making a difference in society. So obviously most of the women here have good hearts and would be great partners.

5- Museums and Art Galleries

If you like art and history, your local museum or art gallery provides a great opportunity to meet women in a cultured environment. Since most art galleries or museums have special events or displays, you’ll have a constant supply of different women to approach.

The easiest technique to approach women is to find one who is looking at an art piece or display, then make a comment about it. From there you can quickly transition into a conversation about your interests and hobbies.

6- Martini Bars

If you like meeting women in a relaxed, but adult atmosphere, you check out your local martini bar. At these places, you’ll find women who fit the 30+ years demographics. In other words, you probably won’t encounter too many teenie-bopper girls.

What’s great about martini bars is you can easily mingle and meet women who have a more *adult* like attitude, but still like to have fun and relax.

Locating women in your area is easy to do, but still have to know where to go to find ones who are cultured and sophisticated. If you make an effort and go to the six places I’ve described in this article, you’ll find it’s easy to meet interesting women can offer a more adult relationship.


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