Places To Go To Meet Beautiful Women–From A Professional Matchmaker

Do you find it really hard to meet good looking women? Maybe a big part of it is that you just don’t see good looking women very often. Sure the world is full of them, but I know that a lot of times I go days or even weeks without seeing one female I would even waste the time on approaching. How can you practice the things you are learning about how to meet women, if you hardly ever get the opportunity? Change the odds my friend!


Join a gym, not just any gym, but a gym that has classes. You see gyms that have aerobics, step, spin, and other such classes are full of gorgeous women. Now here is what you are going to do. Join the gym and visit each of the classes. Tonight I did this just to test it out. I was the only man in the class. The teacher even made a joke about it. Now if you are in decent shape, you know how to smile, and you can formulate a sentence of over three words; then your odds are incredibly high in a class like that. Oh, by the way, the women there are typical gorgeous too.

Visit a women’s dress shop. The only guys you see in a place like that are the ones who are there because their wives or girlfriends made them come along. They are nothing, but miserable prisoners. You on the other hand are the lone stud in the wilderness of females. When you go have a cover story like you are looking for a gift for your sister. Browse around and ask for opinions of certain clothes. Remember my statement above about a smile, and being able to make out a sentence or two…yeah you get the idea. This is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Join an arts and crafts class at the community college. Are you getting the idea….no dudes! Yeah you will be the only guy in a place like that. Smile…make good sentences…ok you get it. In a class setting, actually try to learn something so you can have reasons to talk to the girl you are interested in. The best move to make in this scenario is to befriend everyone in the room with jokes and conversation, except her. It will drive her crazy. When you have had your fun and she is begging to be a part of things switch roles and show her your attention and charm. You should be able to get her number without much effort.


Nicole Westwood is an upscale matchmaker and a professional matchmaker at Perfect 10 Introductions, an upscale matchmaking agency providing executive matchmaking to upscale singles.


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