Use Humor To Attract A Beautiful Woman–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Women think a lot differently then men. Women care much more about how they feel than how they think, they are less logical and therefore unpredictable for men. If you know some techniques and tricks then it does not always guarantee you success. Using the wrong tricks to attract women is the worst thing you can do, and everything you do, has to be natural and take as little effort as possible.

Have you noticed that women often laugh of about something that your opinion is not funny at all. They can giggle all day about some silly joke that someone told them. Most of the time women are amused by something that doesn´t make any sense. Use whatever a certain women finds funny, even if ot doesn´t make any sense to you.

More often the words you say are much less important than the way you say it. Use very evocative and descriptive language to make her feel amused. They laugh for different reasons and interpret humor also differently. Using “unorthodox” jokes to attract someone from the opposite sex, is not a good idea. Because if they laugh at a ethnic or sexual joke in front of everyone, their images would suffer. Men do not care much about what someone thinks about them, but women do.

To make a lasting impression you must know what women is interested in. Read a women[ magazine, romance novels or what ever they are interested in. You can also spice up a conversation if you know at least something about women[ issues. A woman finds a man[ jokes funny just because she likes him. But if are unable to spark at least some interest then even the best techniques and tricks will not help you out.

You can know every trick in the book to seduce women, but if you do not take action it[ no good. A lot of guys interpret rejection as failure. This is the wrong attitude. Don´t think of it as failure but as feedback. You get feedback from your failures and that is how you learn. That is how we all learn.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2209938


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