Tips For Dating Beautiful Younger Woman–From A Professional Matchmaker

As a matchmaker in Los Angeles, I work with many men who are seeking to date younger women. Sometimes they are looking to date women a few years younger, sometimes much younger.

Here’s some of my tips as an upscale matchmaker to succeed with younger women 18-25 if you’re over 35:

  1. Be very casual in your approach. Strive to make her feel safe and comfortable with you because at first she is going to feel suspicious of your intentions. Whatever you do, don’t lust after her. Just act friendly and make her feel relaxed.
  2. What can you expect when dating younger women: cancelled dates, picks fights to break up with you, and she’s unstable.
  3. Don’t be possessive and jealous with her. This will really scare her away. And don’t be concerned if she has a boyfriend.
  4. You will have better success pursuing the average-looking single women. Avoid the beauty queens.
  5. Try to hook up with a rebellious type of young woman. They are more inclined to date older men.
  6. Remember that they might be attracted to you out of just pure fantasy. They may curious what if would be like to be with an older man. Accommodate their desires and enjoy it while it lasts.
  7. They might be interested in you for sexual reasons because their male lovers their age or younger are more interested in satisfying their own sexual desires. They would welcome an older lover who would be concerned in giving her pleasure.
  8. Suggest out-of-the-way date where there is more privacy. She may have fears of being seen in public with an older man or where her friends might see her.
  9. Get slim and trim. Young single women are not attracted to balding men with a potbelly.
  10. Take classes where you are likely to be exposed to young single women. Get to know the younger guys too – they can introduce you girls they know.
  11. Always keep in mind that your relationship may come to a sudden end if Mr. Right comes along.
  12. When with her: Be funny, light-hearted, silly, and laugh a lot.

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